About us

Voices against Bigotry is a group of concerned Australians who are not aligned to a political party. It was founded by Susie Latham and Linda Briskman in consultation with various groups and individuals, including members of the Muslim community.

Susie Latham is a PhD student who was raised as a Catholic but converted to Islam when she married into a Muslim family.┬áLinda Briskman is Jewish. She is a human rights academic, with a social work background.┬áBoth Susie and Linda are active asylum seeker advocates. They co-authored (with Chris Goddard) Human Rights Overboard: Seeking asylum in Australia, which documented stories from the People’s Inquiry into Detention. This book won the Australian Human Rights Commission award for non-fiction in 2008.

The Voices against Bigotry network has members across Australia. To connect with others near you, contact us via info@voicesagainstbigotry.org.