A new age of hate

As if the election of Donald Trump wasn’t worrying enough, some of his early appointments, people who support Muslim immigration bans, a register of Muslims and internment camps are cause for serious concern. His victory has emboldened right-wingers everywhere with hate crimes including anti-Semitism on the rise, showing that when bigotry against one group is tolerated, all minorites are affected. Victories for the far-right in Italy, Austria, The Netherlands and France now distinct possibilities. In Australia, Peter Dutton has tried to capitalise on this mood, calling the migration of Lebanese Muslims a mistake. Ruby Hamad’s brilliant article captures the impact of this discourse. In this atmosphere, critically assessing claims about Muslims by supposedly progressive voices is of the utmost importance, as outlined in this article by Voices against Bigotry co-founder Susie Latham. GetUp is organising a campaign against this hatred. You can contribute here.