About us

Voices against Bigotry is a group of concerned Australians who are not aligned to a political party. It was founded by Susie Latham and Linda Briskman in consultation with various groups and individuals, including members of the Muslim community.

Susie Latham is an Adjunct  Postdoctoral Fellow at Curtin University who was raised as a Catholic but converted to Islam when she married into a Muslim family. Linda Briskman is Jewish. She is a human rights academic, with a social work background. Both Susie and Linda are active asylum seeker advocates. They co-authored (with Chris Goddard) Human Rights Overboard: Seeking asylum in Australia, which documented stories from the People’s Inquiry into Detention. This book won the Australian Human Rights Commission award for non-fiction in 2008.

The Voices against Bigotry network has members across Australia. To connect with others near you, contact us via info@voicesagainstbigotry.org.