Surveillance of Muslim children

Voices against Bigotry is concerned about the federal government rolling out Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) training to teachers, social workers, psychologists, GPs, psychiatrists and other ‘caring professionals’. While the training is ostensibly ‘ideologically neutral’ and aimed at all forms of extremism, the reality is that it is funded to counter ‘Islamist’ terrorism. The social worker training we attended showed that those undertaking the training recognise who it is primarily aimed at. In a climate of unprecedented Islamophobia, we believe this training legitimises and will perpetuate anti-Muslim sentiment. In the UK, a similar program has been widely condemned. More information about the training and our concerns can be found in this article published by the Festival of Dangerous Ideas.

Voices against Bigotry intends to join Muslim community members in lobbying against this dangerous policy. If you know any more about this program or work in any of the above professions and would like to join us in visiting professional bodies, unions and politicians to voice our concerns, please contact